About this report

This Alliander annual report looks back on our activities and results in 2023. The primary themes for our integrated report are our value to society, the dialogue with our stakeholders on material topics, and transparency. The annual report was published on 4 March 2024. 

Long-term value creation as the basis 

Our value creation model provides the backbone for this annual report. It shows how we use our assets and what that brings to society. In the first section of this annual report, we discuss our role in the energy supply chain, our mission, trends and developments, and our strategy. In the second section, we report on our activities and the value we create in the long term: 

  • Ensuring a high level of supply reliability for a low cost

  • Making the energy supply and our organisation sustainable

  • Ensuring a safe energy network, a safe working environment, and a safe data environment

  • Being an attractive, inclusive employer with equal opportunities for all

  • Being a creditworthy company with solid returns

In the third section of the report, we describe the effects of our activities on society and our contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We also explain our corporate governance structure in this section. 

Structure of the chapters in the second section of the report

Each chapter in the second section of the report starts with a visual representation indicating its position in Alliander’s value creation model. Where possible, the relevant colour codes are also used for clarification. These colours are used consistently throughout the report for the value creation model, the materiality matrix, the descriptive chapters and the tables on objectives and results. The ‘value chapters’, as we call them, also include a brief introduction of their content and a link to the material topics, relevant stakeholders and SDGs. Each chapter also has a dashboard with KPIs, results and objectives that are covered later on in the chapter. 

Stakeholder dialogue

By maintaining an ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders, we stay informed of the trends in society and the expectations stakeholders have regarding Alliander. This also gives us the opportunity to work in unison to achieve a successful energy transition and keep energy supplies affordable. In keeping with previous years, a stakeholder panel read the report at an early stage in its preparation. The members shared their findings with us on 21 December 2023, after which we refined the contents of the report. 

CSRD and material topics 

In 2023, we updated the materiality analysis using the guidelines of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), which will replace the Non-Financial Reporting Directive from 2024. The goal of this new legislation is to improve the sustainability of the European economy regarding people, the environment and good governance. We are legally required to report in accordance with the CSRD starting at the financial year 2024. At Alliander, we have given an account of our sustainability performance for many years now. We started to implement the CSRD in 2023.

The provisions of the Directive include performing a double materiality analysis, not only considering the impact Alliander has on the environment (inside-out), but also the financial and other impact (risks and opportunities) that the environment has on our organisation (outside-in). This annual report includes a double materiality analysis in accordance with the CSRD guidelines. From the 2024 annual report onwards, we will be reporting fully in line with CSRD guidelines. 

We used the GRI Standards to specify the material topics. We drew up a shortlist of topics based on an extensive identification round, the 2022 materiality analysis and various internal and external sources. We validated the topics using the CSRD, GRI and other international standards, peer and supply chain analyses, and our own risk framework. These modifications have no direct consequences for the content of the report because the topics already formed part of it. For a more in-depth explanation of the changes, the method used and the results of the reappraisal, please refer to the Materiality Test. 

Materiality matrix 

Click any of the following material topics for more information. 

The value we create in the long term
Ensuring a high level of supply reliabiliyu at a low cost
Making the energy supply and our organization sustainable
Ensuring a safe energy network, a safe working environment, and a safe date environment
Being an attractive, inclusive employer with equal opportunities for all
Being a creditworthy company with solid returns
Impact on all values in the long term
Energy security for the customer
Climate change
Digitalisation and data security
Being a good employer
Corporate social responsibility in the supply chain
Dialogue with stakeholders and communities
Circular operations
Safe infrastructure

Integrated report

This annual report presents financial, operational and corporate social responsibility (CSR) information in an integrated manner, based on the following:

  • International Financial Reporting Standards 

  • Dutch Corporate Governance Code 2022

  • GRI Universal Standards 2021, report guidelines. The online annual report includes the GRI Content Index.

  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

  • EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive 2023

  • EU Directive on disclosure of non-financial and diversity information (NFRD)

  • EU Taxonomy Regulation and the associated secondary legislation

  • International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC)

  • TCFD (Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures)

  • Part 9 of Book 2 of the Dutch Civil Code and Annual Reporting Guidelines


Financial information is subject to full consolidation regardless of materiality. In the social information section, the data relating to Alliander and its main subsidiaries has been consolidated. The most material topics for our stakeholders relate primarily to the activities of these companies. In addition, we have included information on other Alliander business activities when they are considered to be of material importance. Where necessary, additional information about the reach and scope is provided in footnotes to the information in the report.

The Disclosure of Non-Financial Information Decree and the Disclosure of Diversity Policy Decree are compatible with Alliander’s intrinsic value of providing information about certain non-financial aspects and about diversity. Our reporting is accordingly in line with these decrees. For more information on the material aspects of the human rights topic, please refer to the relevant provisions in our Supplier Code of Conduct. Information about ethical business practices is provided in the ‘Integrity’ section of the Corporate Governance chapter. 


Alliander operates in the complex dynamics of a rapidly changing energy sector. Like our shareholders, we place great value on transparency. We comply with the Transparency Guideline, the revised Dutch Corporate Governance Code 2022, and the United Nations global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We won two awards for our 2022 annual report: the Financieele Dagblad newspaper’s Henri Sijthoff Award in the non-listed companies category and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy’s Kristal Award for the Transparency Benchmark.

Invitation to stakeholders and readers 

Alliander is keen to discuss the energy transition and the transfer to a new energy system with its stakeholders. We cordially invite readers of our annual report who wish to discuss topics like the energy transition, or who have any questions, suggestions or tips for us, to contact us at communicatie@alliander.com