Our network: high supply reliability at a low cost

We achieve 99.99% availability in our energy networks, making them among the most reliable in the world. In 2023, reliability of supply remained at this level. Just like in 2022, the timely connection of customers and expansion of the networks are under pressure. Because of this, we are working on ways of reducing demand for transmission capacity, making better use of our network and completing more work. 

Related topics

This chapter is about our measures in the area of access to energy, reliability of supply and customer convenience. The reported information relates to topics that stakeholders feel are important. Furthermore, these activities contribute to achieving an SDG.

Material topics


Stakeholder groups

A) Energy security for the customer
B) Climate change
C) Digitalisation and data security
E) Supply chain responsibility
F) Governance
G) Dialogue with stakeholders
H) Circular operations



Objectives and results for reliability of supply

Customer convenience rated by consumers


result in 2023


objective for 2023

49% in 2022

Customer convenience rated by business customers


result in 2023


objective for 2023

34% in 2022

Electricity outage duration


result in 2023
in minutes


objective in 2023
in minutes

21.3 minutes in 2022

  • 1The electricity outage duration differs from the figure stated in the regulatory report. This report does not include the interruptions in the high-voltage network (CBL assets) owned by Liander.