Interaction with stakeholders

Based on high-impact topics, we regularly seek to identify suitable parties for dialogues with Alliander. Engagement, size, willingness for dialogue, and expertise are crucial considerations in this respect. We aim to share issues, create support for initiatives, build trust, and devise solutions with added value, both for the short and long term. We talk to customers about their energy requirements on a daily basis. Our shareholders join us into looking at how we remain financially stable in the long term and how we can fund our investments. And together with our employees we look how we can be an employer that matters. We look at ways in which processes, laws and regulations need to be changed in cooperation with market players, regulators and policy makers. Together with all our stakeholders, we are moving forward towards the energy supply of the future.

We consider anybody or any group that is affected by our activities or that has an influence on our organisation or services to be our stakeholders. We keep a constant check on who our stakeholders are. Whether on projects or concerning certain topics, they may have a relevant contribution to make and therefore we involve them. The nature of a number of our relationships with stakeholders is governed by the statutory and regulatory environment (government ministries, politicians, and industry regulators) and by cooperation in the supply chain (energy sector) and also by the public nature of our service (customers, municipal authorities, media, and pressure groups). Responsibilities relating to stakeholder management are assigned, specifically to business units and staff who then maintain the relevant relationships. The Corporate & Social Affairs department coordinates strategic stakeholder management and decides which organisations and stakeholder representatives we actively engage with.

The Alliander stakeholder model comprises three stakeholder groups. A distinction is made between:

  • Core stakeholders: customers, employees, shareholders and investors, and local and regional authorities in our service area.

  • Other stakeholders: suppliers, knowledge institutions, regulators and social sector organisations, etc.

Stakeholder touchpoints

We conduct the dialogue with stakeholders on both a regular and ad hoc basis. This includes the organisation of customer panels and shareholder consultations as well as meetings with the Works Council. Supplier days, knowledge and partner meetings, and participation in network organisations are important forms of stakeholder communication. The draft version of our annual report is shared and discussed with a panel of external stakeholder and transparency experts. The impressions regarding the draft 2023 annual report were shared directly with the Management Board.

Contact with policymakers

Alliander maintains contact with policymakers to ensure a future-proof legislative framework that facilitates the Dutch energy infrastructure. Such contact consists primarily in liaising with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy as the body responsible for the Netherlands’ energy supply policy. In addition, we promote Alliander’s interests through contacts with other government ministries, Dutch parliament, political organisations, and interest groups. For a complete list, please refer to the stakeholder table.

In these contacts, Alliander is represented by its Management Board and supported by the Corporate & Social Affairs department. To garner broader support for proposals, Alliander coordinates its efforts with industry peers through the industry organisation, Netbeheer Nederland. Alliander does not engage public affairs firms to represent it, and neither does Alliander donate to political parties, politicians or government bodies. 


Given that Alliander is publicly funded, we pursue a very cautious sponsoring policy, sponsoring only a very limited number of activities that are directly related to Alliander’s field and ambitions, and which are based in our service area. For us to consider sponsoring an activity, it must be sustainable, safe, and politically and religiously neutral.

Stakeholder table


Organisation or platform

Items for discussion

Type of interaction

Material topics


Customer contact web panel
Customer survey
Customer ombudsman
Customer panels
Consumer organisations (e.g. Consumers’ Association [Consumentenbond], Association of Homeowners [Vereniging Eigen Huis])

Collaboration, relationship management,
dialogue, service improvements

Digital panel
Quantitative research
Complaints and mediation (per case)
Qualitative research (various)

Energy security for the customer, Digitalisation and data security, Climate change, Stakeholder communities

Business Customers

Trade associations
Energy cooperatives

Collaboration, dialogue, service improvements

Dialogue and relationship management (e.g. VEMW, Uneto VNI, Bouwend Nederland, VNO NCW)

Energy security for the customer, Digitalisation and data security, Climate change


Alliander employee participation
Youth network Tension
‘De Energiedragers’ - collaboration between trainees at Dutch network operators
Women’s network Lianne
LGBTIq+ network Pride
Cultural network ‘Wij zijn Nexus’
Mission Possible - colleagues facing physical or mental challenges at work
Globals - international network
Staff association
Alliander Foundation

dialogue, employee engagement and initiatives, formal negotiations (on pay and employment conditions)

Formal consultations
Dialogue, workshops, meetings
Employee association
Employee volunteering
Periodic negotiations on pay and employment conditions

Being a good employer, Safe infrastructure


Stakeholder provinces and

Formal/informal consultations, knowledge and insight into activities

General Meeting of Shareholders
Meeting of Major Shareholders
Consultative meetings, individual contact
Two-yearly reputation survey
Regular newsletter

All material topics


Financiers, investors, and credit-rating agencies

Accountability and explanations

Regular consultations and reporting on financial results

All material topics

Local and regional authorities

Provinces, municipalities, umbrella organisations (VNG, IPO), Regional Energy Strategy (RES) regions, National RES Programme, District Heating, Sustainable industry (local and regional authorities + central government)

Coordination of climate and energy plans and projects, investment areas

Consultation, collaboration, projects

Energy security for the customer, Climate change

Government bodies

Central government (ministries) and European Union (European Commission, European Parliament)
Council for the Environment and Infrastructure

Expression of interest and active/proactive dialogue

Consultation, having a say, views

Energy security for the customer, Climate change


States General + House of Representatives and Senate, provinces, municipalities

Keeping them informed on generic and specific topics.

Relationship management, working visits, proactive and reactive updates
Qualitative research

Energy security for the customer, Climate change

Industry regulators

Dutch Authority for Digital Infrastructure
Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets
Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets
Dutch Data Protection Authority
Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate
State Supervision of Mines
EU Industry Regulators
Social Affairs and Employment Inspectorate

Informing, information sharing, and explanation

Regular meetings on recent topics and issues, Standard and ad hoc information requests

Energy security for the customer, Being a good employer, Safe infrastructure, Digitalisation and data security, Stakeholder communities

Energy sector

Cedec, Cogen
Energy producers/suppliers
Energy Storage Nederland
Eurelectric, Eurogas, ENCS, European Distribution System Operators (E.dso), GD4S
Flexible power Alliance Network (FAN)
Netbeheer Nederland (association of energy network operators)
Nederlandse Vereniging Duurzame Energie (NvDE)
Operators for electricity (Edso)
Foundation ElaadNL
Utility Connect
Warming Up
Employer’s association WENb

Knowledge sharing, partnerships, promotion of interests, collaboration

Participation in boards
Working groups

Energy security for the customer, Being a good employer, Safe infrastructure, Digitalisation and data security, Supply chain responsibility, Climate change, Circular operations


Contractors and manufacturing industry
Suppliers of goods and services

Relationship management,

Contracting Day
Supplier Days
Theme consultations
Sustainable procurement consultations

Supply chain responsibility, Climate change, Circular operations

Knowledge institutions

Educational and knowledge organisations
Radboud University, Tilburg University, HAN University of Applied Sciences, Regional Training Centres. Delft University of Technology (Powerweb Institute, Green Village), Eindhoven University of Technology, University of Twente.
Gas Safety Platform

Knowledge sharing and partnerships

Collaboration, knowledge development, co-creation, knowledge sharing

Being a good employer


National and regional media

Informing, positioning

Relationship management, proactive information, crisis communications, qualitative research

All material topics

Social sector organisations

Stichting de Opkikker
Nederland Cares
Stichting Present



Being a good employer, Stakeholder communities


Housing corporations, property developers, business community

Dialogue and relationship management

Alignment, participation in associations and foundations

Energy security for the customer, Being a good employer, Safe infrastructure, Climate change, Stakeholder communities

Partner relationships

Amsterdam Economic Board
Amsterdam Smart City
Economic Board Arnhem Nijmegen
European Energy-Information
Foundation Rural Energy Services
The Future Group
Global Gasnetwork Initiative
Global Intelligent Utility Network coalition
Global Smart City & Community Coalition
HIER Opgewekt
Klimaatverbond Nederland
Management Community
MVO Nederland
Natuur & Milieu
NG Infra
Open compliance and ethics group
Sharing & Analysis Centre
Smart Energy Collective
Stichting de Energiebank
Stichting topvrouw
Stichting USEF
Stichting New Energy Coalition
Stichting Irma- Privacy by design coalition
Talent naar de top
The Open Global Data
World Economic Forum
Women Inc

Collaboration with knowledge institutions, the business community and government bodies, promoting sustainability, new models for innovation and social development, facilitating a sustainable energy supply

Participation in boards, meetings, sponsoring, strategic collaboration, consultation and dialogue

Energy security for the customer, Supply chain responsibility, Corporate Governance, Digitalisation and data security, Climate change, Circular operations, Stakeholder communities

Corporate partnerships

Shell/ Ecta

Collaboration with knowledge institutions, the business community and government bodies, promoting sustainability, new models for innovation and social development, sustainable energy supply

Meetings, collaboration, development, consultation and dialogue, commissioning projects

Energy security for the customer, Supply chain responsibility, Corporate Governance, Digitalisation and data security, Climate change

Alliander endorses

In 2023, we participated in the following Dutch social initiatives

• ILO Conventions

• National Implementation Agenda for Regional Energy Infrastructure

• OECD guidelines

• Engineering, Construction & Energy Action Plan


• Labour market platform

• GRI Universal Guidelines

• Greater Amsterdam Infrastructure Partnership

EU taxonomy

• 2024 Collective labour agreement for network companies


• National Network Congestion Action Programme


• Sector Agreement on carbon pricing between 5 network operators