Our mission

We stand for an energy distribution system where everyone has access to reliable, affordable and renewable energy on equal terms. This is the social mission that we work to achieve every day. We make sure the lights are on, homes are heated and businesses can keep operating, not just today, but also for a sustainable tomorrow. 

How we make a difference for customers

Through our cables and pipes, over three million Dutch households and companies are supplied with electricity, gas and heating. We operate an electricity network of almost 96,000 kilometres in length and a gas network covering some 42,000 kilometres, and we take great pride in our networks being among the world’s most reliable. Our colleagues are working hard day and night to achieve this.


We distribute energy meeting the highest possible safety and continuity standards and ensure that it is available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is what drives us to put safety first in our working practices to try to avoid planned and unplanned energy outages as much as possible.


We endeavour to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our activities every day to keep prices as low as possible for our customers. 


We provide the framework within which customers can choose their own energy supplier and service providers and feed energy back into the grid. We also help customers switch to renewable forms of energy.