Sharing data and new market services

Allowing the energy network to function in a sustainable manner requires more data. Network operators need data to optimise the networks. End users can use data to make better choices that contribute to optimising their energy usage. Between now and 2030 we will be introducing several new data services and proactively making customer, market and infrastructure data available to customers and market parties. We will do this in the form of concrete data products, which will allow customers to control their energy usage better and make choices beneficial to the network. 

Energy Neighbourhood Scan

The Energy Neighbourhood Scan allows companies, consultancy firms and market parties in a congested area to view energy data from their immediate surroundings. Examples are data on the capacity of assets in the immediate vicinity or data on the contracted power and power used by companies (‘network neighbours’) present in the area. The Energy Neighbourhood Scan also provides an insight into the waiting list for customers who want a connection in the area. Basically, the scan visualises who your network neighbours are and what congestion is like in a certain area. Companies can use this information to start exploring the congestion issues themselves and investigating area-specific solutions with help from an energy consultancy firm and together with their network neighbours.