The energy transition has gained huge momentum. We need to complete more work, use the network more flexibly when possible and help reduce the demand for energy. Our organisation has strengths and weaknesses in respect of this task. In addition to this, developments in our environment are opening up opportunities and exposing us to threats.

Alliander’s energy networks are among the most reliable in the world. We have a central role in designing and realising the sustainable energy system of the future. In doing so, we rely on our employees and our partners. It is essential that we maintain our strong position as an attractive employer and reliable collaborative partner. Intensified collaboration and energy-related spatial planning are needed to meet the challenges. The national implementation agenda offers opportunities for acceleration. We provide knowledge to available to central government, municipalities, provincial authorities and businesses to clarify the long-term development of the energy system, the capabilities of the energy network and the social costs associated with specific choices. In addition, we offer data services and we collaborate with others to develop flexible energy markets. We work in sustainable partnerships with our suppliers and contractors.

However, despite all our efforts, we are increasingly unable to meet customer demand due to a lack of capacity in the network. In addition, attracting and then retaining sufficient technical staff continues to be challenging. This hinders our ability to meet our infrastructure construction targets, as does the limited availability of materials The limited public space available and the complex and lengthy spatial planning and licensing processes affect how quickly we can build additional structures. 

Rapid and increasing digitalisation allows us to work more accurately, quickly and efficiently. But further digitalisation also leads to increased risks of cybercrime. Changing legislation and regulations and the affordability of energy are additions threats tthat we foresee. In the political domain, we face increased unpredictability and decreased stability, and this situation is clearly noticeable in political topics such as climate and energy. These threats and what we are doing to address them are described in greater detail in the Risks section.