Ensuring a safe energy network, a safe working environment, and a safe data environment

Everyone home safely! Out of genuine concern for one another. Safety is part of Alliander’s identity and is embedded in our way of thinking, our do's and don'ts. It is our perspective of our work. We take responsibility for working safely. Alliander does this together with its partners on the basis of equality.

Related topics

This chapter describes what we do in the area of safety, security, privacy and cybersecurity. The reported information relates to topics that stakeholders feel are important. Furthermore, these activities contribute to achieving SDGs.

Material topics


Customer groups

C) Digitalisation and data security
D) Being a good employer
E) Supply chain responsibility
F) Governance
G) Dialogue with stakeholders
I) Safe infrastructure


Supply chain partners and contractors

Objective and result for a sustainable and safe working environment

Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF)


result in 2023

 - 1

objective for 2023

1.92 in 2022

  • 1No target is set for the LTIF performance indicator, because the number of accidents leading to sickness absence should ideally be zero. Our objective with this indicator is to show a downward trend each time.
  • 2The standard time allocation used to calculate the LTIF was changed from 1,800 to 1,600 hours to match other companies in the sector, so the LTIF for 2022 was recalculated and is now 1.9.