Safe infrastructure

Customers expect us to ensure a safe infrastructure and guarantee their safety while we perform our work. The safety of our networks for everyone involved is a high priority for us. We are constantly investing in the reliability of our infrastructure based on information regarding the condition of our network.

Replacement programme for grey cast-iron and asbestos cement gas pipes

Grey cast-iron and asbestos cement pipes were often used in the past as main pipelines in the gas distribution network. Over the years, more modern materials (plastic) became available, and these are now used to construct and replace gas pipes. In 2019, the remediation plan for grey cast-iron and asbestos cement gas pipes was brought forward by eight years to 2032. In 2023, Liander removed over 168 kilometres of grey cast-iron and asbestos cement gas pipes. This is 16 kilometres more than the annual target of 152 kilometres. Besides replacing pipes, we proactively and frequently check for (small) gas leaks using highly sensitive equipment These checks are not limited to the grey cast-iron and asbestos cement pipes; they cover all mains and connecting pipes in operation. This approach ensures that we can address gas leaks at an early stage, before they reach a critical level. We remain alert to changing situations and new risks, and give high priority to the replacement of pipes wherever necessary.

Asbestos in above-ground systems and buildings

In the distribution activity area, we continued the asbestos remediation work in the medium-voltage transformer substations that needed to be tackled according to the industry-wide colour coding policy (red and orange). Our plan is for the asbestos remediation work in these selected transformer substations to be finished in 2027.

Investigating damage after outages 

We set up an investigation when incidents arise in the electricity network. A damage investigation team (SOT) conducts the investigation to identify damage and faults in Liander components. The purpose is to identify the possible cause and gather information on the assets’ failure. This allows us to revise or set up maintenance programmes and improvement actions. In 2023, we completed 109 damage investigations, consisting of 104 in the medium-voltage and low-voltage domains and five in the high-voltage domain.

Security at electricity substations

In 2023, we saw that the temporary cameras installed in 2022 led to an increased number of reports of suspicious situations and burglaries. We registered 61 reports (2022: 48). We are working on structural measures to provide the substations with the right level of security. For example, we are installing permanent security systems at critical substations.