Dialogue with stakeholders and communities

Description of the topic

We consider any individual or any group that is affected by our activities or that has an influence on our organisation or services to be a stakeholder. We keep a constant check on who our stakeholders are. Whether on projects or concerning certain topics, they may have a relevant contribution to make, or a relevant interest, and we involve them. The energy system is changing at a great pace, which comes with different requirements for the energy network. Collaboration and dialogue with stakeholders are essential to align changes and their impacts with developments in society.

Impact on people and the planet

Stakeholders have an interest in the social impact that we have on the forms of capital relevant to them. Interconnection and participation improve communication and foster solutions; this strengthens the social capital. For Alliander, the impact of the energy transition and social developments means there is a need for contact and dialogue with stakeholders in all phases of the work.


Delay in the realisation of work and disputes over Alliander’s plans due to conflicting interests.


Accelerate through agreement in the early phases of the planning process, mediation instead of conflict.

Impact on Alliander’s value

Changes in laws and regulations may have an impact on Alliander’s operations. Continuous evaluation of stakeholder relations in respect of our tasks and alignment regarding the social aspects of the future energy supply are important activities that affect our ability to continuously deliver social value.

Relationship with Alliander’s impact model

Indicators for financial capital and social capital.

Stakeholder expectation

Stakeholders expect to be able to continue to rely on and have access to a well-functioning energy system in the future. To ensure this, Alliander must be receptive to stakeholders’ concerns and listens to them.

Strategic pillars

Future-proof foundation.

Our long-term objective

We are permanently in contact with our stakeholders and involve them in developments and the social impact we have as an organisation.

Alliander’s assessment and contribution

We organise our stakeholder relations appropriately. Contact takes place structurally, on an ad hoc basis and, where necessary, according to legal requirements, and through a variety of channels, depending on the issue, its intensity and the relationship with the choices we make as an organisation on a daily basis.

Stakeholder information