Description of the topic

Alliander is committed to good governance and to making choices in the interests of all our stakeholders. We are guided in this endeavour by our mission, core values and internal code of conduct and comply with relevant and mandatory codes of conduct. 

Impact on people and the planet

For us, broad value creation means managing based on the value of our activities for all stakeholders, and in doing so focusing on generating positive impacts and reducing the effects of negative impacts. Through our organisation, management and methods of operation, we work to achieve continuous improvement and commitment to our social tasks. Our Governance helps us increase our impact on people and the planet.


Integrity that may be compromised; pressure to change the investment policy; unnecessary risk aversion in respect of investing in and implementing innovations.


Accelerating management based on broad value creation and broad prosperity principles.

Impact on Alliander’s value

The rapid pace of social developments and transitions has an impact on Alliander’s operations. In addition to continuous evaluation of stakeholder relationships and laws and regulations, timely management response to social developments is necessary for future value.

Stakeholder expectation

Stakeholders must be able to trust us to take their interests into consideration in a careful manner. Good corporate governance, adequate supervision and transparent accountability are essential to ensure stakeholders’ trust in the management and supervision. Accordingly, management must act with integrity and transparency and the Supervisory Board render account of its supervision. This is crucial in view of our vital role in society.

Relationship with Alliander’s impact model

Indicators for social capital. By working on better institutions and regulatory adjustments, we help to optimise the energy sector’s impact.

Strategic pillars

Future-proof foundation.

Our long-term objective

Our ‘together, smart and sensitive’ approach means that we must comply with the government’s rules. In addition, we, as Alliander, have drawn up additional guidelines to make it clear what we expect from employees. The ‘How we do things at Alliander’ e-learning programme helps employees to improve their integrity awareness. All employees are offered this programme and, to keep employees aware of and up-to-date on new cases, they are prompted from time to time to refresh their knowledge to a level of 70%.

Contribution from Alliander

Alliander is committed to good governance and to making choices in the interests of all our stakeholders. In this endeavour, we are guided by our mission, core values and code of conduct. The Supervisory Board provides adequate and effective supervision based on clear guidelines. We comply with the Dutch Corporate Governance Code wherever possible and applicable. In doing so, we emphasise our responsibility for the social aspects of entrepreneurship.

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