Safe infrastructure

Description of the topic

Work on gas and electricity infrastructure involves risks. Safe working practices without incidents are vital for all stakeholders. The safety of networks for everyone involved is our highest priority. The possibility that incidents could occur in the energy network means a targeted approach is even more crucial. To achieve this, we ensure that we understand the risks and take action to mitigate them.

Impact on people and the planet

Safety incidents can also involve citizens and visitors or passers-by at locations where we are working. Occasionally, gas or electricity release situations may occur that involve danger and damage to or for the surrounding area. Accidents affecting individual lives caused by our networks always have a very high impact, however, this type of accident is extremely rare.


The increasing load and pressure on the networks, or risks associated with the high workload lead to a greater likelihood of incidents or emergencies.


Network expansion and renewal offer opportunities for accelerated remediation and replacement.

Impact on Alliander’s value

Safety incidents can have a major impact on Alliander’s value. A large-scale event can have major consequences both at a personal level and in terms of (consequential) damage to assets. Its impact is potentially damaging to human, social and financial capital.

Relationship with Alliander’s impact model

Indicators for human capital.

Stakeholder expectation

Safe infrastructure is vital for all those involved. Employees expect a working environment where they can concentrate and work safely. Customers expect us to guarantee their safety during the performance of our work.

Strategic pillars

Future-proof foundation.

Our long-term objective

Everyone safely home! With zero avoidable accidents. That is Alliander’s safety ambition.

Alliander’s assessment and contribution

In 2023, we accelerated our asbestos remediation programme, continued the remediation of the grey cast iron portion of our gas network, further improved station access and security, and initiated a study to identify damage and failure factors in assets.

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